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These terms and conditions represent the basis upon which driving instruction is offered to you by your local Hoot Hoot driving instructor. Please note the contract for service is between yourself and your local Hoot Hoot instructor. Each Hoot Hoot instructor operates his or her own business under franchise from Hoot Hoot Driving School Limited and has agreed to be bound by the following terms and conditions. The Hoot Hoot Booking Centre is a separate entity which has been authorised to act as a booking agent for the members of the Hoot Hoot instructor franchise network. Please note that all major driving schools in the UK (e.g. BSM and the AA) operate in this way with self-employed franchised instructors.

1. General Conduct

Your Hoot Hoot instructor will:

2. Qualifications

As a minimum your Hoot Hoot instructor will be a licensed ADI by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) qualified to give driving tuition.

3. Course Materials

Where identified on the services page courses with materials booked through the Hoot Hoot call centre will be provided directly from the office and are yours to keep. If materials are not part of your chosen service (eg weekly lessons), you can purchase these materials from the Hoot Hoot call centre, directly from your local Hoot Hoot instructor or directly from this website.

4. Driving Licence and Eyesight

The learner must hold a current, valid driving licence (provisional or full), which must be produced on or in advance of their first lesson. The learner must also check that they can read a number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres (i.e. 67 feet - about 5 car lengths) with glasses if normally worn.

5. Payments

To book a course, a 50% deposit will be needed, or in circumstances where the course start date is within 4 weeks of the booking date the full course fee is required.

6. Customer Care Payment Scheme

When you pay money directly to the HOOT HOOT Booking Office or via this website it is held in the HOOT HOOT clients holding account. This money is being held on behalf of you and the HOOT HOOT instructor. This money is not normally passed onto the HOOT HOOT instructor until you sign a form instructing the booking office to do so in part or in full. At various points during the training, the HOOT HOOT instructor will ask you to sign a form confirming your satisfaction with any training given. You should not sign this form unless you are totally satisfied with the training and want the office to pass on sufficient money held in the clients account to cover the training time authorised.

To ensure that each HOOT HOOT instructor provides services to the same high standards all the HOOT HOOT instructors have agreed that the HOOT HOOT Booking Office should also act as an arbitrator and withhold any money in the clients account in the event of a complaint. Only when this matter is resolved to the satisfaction of Hoot Hoot Driving School Head Offie will payment be passed on or refunded as the case may be. In this way, the standards of the franchise can be maintained and you can be assured that you get what you pay for. Please note if you book directly with your HOOT HOOT instructor this scheme is not operated unless specifically requested and agreed by your HOOT HOOT instructor.

7. Lesson Postponement

Provided the HOOT HOOT instructor can easily obtain additional work for any lessons postponed no penalty will be incurred. 48 hours is the usual time needed to fill a time slot. If this is not possible the full training fee for the period in question may, at the total discretion of the HOOT HOOT instructor, be lost or charged. Your HOOT HOOT instructor reserves the right to postpone lessons if he or she feels that the weather or road conditions are unsuitable or dangerous. The HOOT HOOT instructor cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred as a result of him or her having to postpone any lessons, for whatever reason.

8. The Driving Test

a) Bookings Driving tests can be booked by you, your HOOT HOOT instructor or the HOOT HOOT Booking Office on your behalf. Driving test bookings always take priority over other lessons. Therefore, your lesson may be postponed to allow for someone else’s driving test and vice-versa. Changes to lesson bookings as a result of this will be notified immediately. Test appointments must be notified to your HOOT HOOT instructor as soon as they are known, otherwise he or she cannot guarantee to provide a vehicle for the test.

b) Use of the vehicle In the interests of customer and public safety your HOOT HOOT instructor reserves the right to withhold the use of a car for the test if, in their opinion, your driving is actually or potentially dangerous.

c) Test cancellation Three clear working days notice of cancellation or postponement is required by the DSA. Failure to provide the required notice will result in the loss of your test fee. Your HOOT HOOT instructor cannot be held responsible for any postponement or cancellation of tests by the DSA. However, he or she will do all that is possible to arrange another test as quickly as possible and to help you to reclaim expenses from the DSA.

9. Punctuality

In your own interests you are advised to be punctual for your lesson appointments. All such appointments should be recorded (and checked where possible by your local HOOT HOOT instructor) in your lesson progress workbook (Appointment Record section) to ensure that mistakes are avoided. The HOOT HOOT instructor would normally wait for a maximum of 15 minutes before the lesson would be abandoned and the lesson fee forfeited or become due for payment. A reciprocal waiting time may become necessary if the HOOT HOOT instructor is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Any lesson time lost as a result of this would be made up by the HOOT HOOT instructor either at the end of the normal lesson time if possible or at a later date. Any such shortfall should be recorded in the driving skills workbook and initialled by the HOOT HOOT instructor.

10. Learner Comfort and Safety

In the interests of comfort and safety learners are advised to wear suitable footwear and clothing which does not restrict movement. Learners must also take note of any medication they are taking that may affect their ability to drive safely and advise their instructor accordingly before taking any lesson booked.

11. Complaints

In the event of a complaint all efforts must be made to resolve the problem directly with the HOOT HOOT instructor. However, please do not let a problem linger. If you booked your course or lessons through the HOOT HOOT Booking Office you may contact the person who arranged your training in the first place for advice and help by ringing 0800 228 9500 or 07967 471873. If you booked directly with the HOOT HOOT instructor you will need to put your complaint in writing to Hoot Hoot Driving School, 216 Diamond Ave, Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottingham, NG17 7NA.

12. Your Statutory Rights

Nothing in these terms and conditions will reduce your statutory rights relating to faulty or misdescribed goods or services provided. HOOT HOOT instructors have a statutory obligation to provide you with goods and services fit for the purpose for which they were bought and as described. Similarly, any goods supplied by the HOOT HOOT Booking Office must also be fit for the purpose for which they were bought and as described. If you have any doubts about your statutory rights please contact your local Trading Standards Department or Citizen's Advice Bureau

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