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Need to pass your test quickly? We have a course to suit you.

Hoot Hoot driving instructors are among the best trained in the business and offer a range of fast track/intensive driving courses to get you through your test quickly and safely.

Remember NOT ALL DRIVING INSTRUCTORS ARE CREATED EQUAL. Without further training driving instructors will remain average and out of step with modern teaching methods. Hoot Hoot Driving Instructors receive continuous professional development to ensure their teaching ability is of the highest standard.

You will never car share with Hoot Hoot as the courses are designed to maximise every minute behind the wheel to give you the best chance of passing your driving test first time.

We do not just teach you to go through the motions, our instructors will teach you how to drive safely and read the road ahead to make you a better and safer driver in the years to come. This way you will be better prepared to deal with the unexpected on your test.

ONE Week Intensive Driving Course
Not for the faint hearted but may be suitable if you have excellent coordination skills and a high ability to retain information; or you have already had over 20 hours driver training and are nearing test standard; or you have taken a test but failed. There will be large amounts of information and a lot of driving to do. 18 hours
25 hours
TWO Week Intensive Driving Course
More suited to those who have good coordination skills but have had little or no previous driver training. High levels of concentration will still be required as there will be a lot of information to take on board and retain over the two weeks period. 30 hours
40 hours
SIX Week Intensive Driving Course
Why not give yourself a bit more time to get to grips with driving with our six week course. Like any practical skill, driving doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If you are good with theory but struggle to master practical skills then this course will suit you best. 35 hours
45 hours
PASS PROMISE Driving Course
If you are nervous or have no experience of driving then our pass promise driving course is for you. This course will give you unlimited driving lessons and practical tests. We cannot guarantee you will pass first, second or third time, but we do promise that we will stick with you until you pass your driving test. Unlimited


All of our courses include the practical test fee in the cost of the course. (Unlimited number of practical tests with the Pass Promise Course) The cost of a theory test can be added onto the cost of the course if requested. You must pass your theory test before you will be allowed to take your practical test.

Full payment is required to book an intensive driving course.

Intensive courses are suitable to those with a high level of concentration and bookings are taken on the assumption that you meet the criteria laid out above. Our instructors have the right to refuse the use of their car if you have not reached test standard by the end of the course. This would result in the loss of the test fee. The instructor’s decision is final.

Whilst we will always endeavour to book your test to coincide with the end of your course, on rare occasions this is not always possible.

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